Bake on, Bake Off

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Like many of the great series, Friends, 24, Game of Thrones I came to Bake Off a lot later than the initial trend of viewers. Not sure whether it was because I’m more of a savoury man (always have a starter, rarely a desert) or how 12 people baking ‘cakes’ can really appeal to my television viewing time?

LIVE Shortlisted at The Event Awards 2017

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We’re delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted as a finalist for the Security, Staffing & Logistics Partner category at this year’s Event Awards.

Boosting Product Sales with In-Store Experts



A great in-store experience is essential to boosting sales and brand recognition in today's modern marketplace. When people visit a store, they expect to have an interactive and engaging experience with retail experts who have extensive knowledge regarding the products that they're selling.

The Power of In-Store Product Demonstrations



In this series we’ll be exploring the different elements that make a successful in-store demonstration campaign – from concept to evaluation. Firstly, let’s start with why product demonstration should be high on the agenda for any brand selling in retail.

Promotional staffing – how to select the right agency partner

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Promotional staff form the backbone of any experiential marketing campaign. But if you can’t rely on the ability of these brand ambassadors to represent the unique values of your product or business, the effectiveness of a campaign will be limited. 

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