The Royal Wedding

Royal _Wedding

On the 29th April, I’ll be probably embracing a beverage while partly watching the momentous occasion of a royal wedding….

There were rumblings in the household that we need to take our daughters (will literally be only 2 years old) LIVE onto the streets to watch in person; but I suspect surrounded by predominantly ‘foreigners’, while cheering at the back of someone’s head with two immensely bored children we may have to abandon this plan. While I’m very patriotic, understand the revenues the Royal family bring into the nation, (I think we break even vs. their cost) I’m not that fussed about seeing it LIVE and hope it is the former solution, in a pub would be the ideal!

Then I’ve noticed Boris is trying embrace the festivities by promoting the Street Party in London boroughs? This could be the opportunity for brands to engage and or sponsor. They could bring to life family values, unite neighbourhoods, enrich communities, align with those traditional values that for the majority, our starved society desperately tries to cling onto and instil into the next generation?

But can you imagine the residents of Lansdowne Road coming out onto their street for a ‘party’?

However, this could be a lovely platform in which to promote, for example:

For more than 125 years Lyle's Golden Syrup has graced the kitchens of British households. The rich, sweet syrup is a preserve and ultimate ingredient in treacle tarts, steamed puddings and favourite topping on pancakes, in porridge or simply spread on bread for a sweet, sticky treat. LGS plan, coordinate and provide content. They could deliver kits (via various media routes) on how to create the ultimate street party, recipes for favourite puds etc, whilst providing games, hints & tips and then Lyle’s  promotional staff are out on force as party coordinators helping on the big day!


Sainsbury’s with Jamie Oliver, our favourite supermarket partnering with a man on a crusade to improve society with food at its heart. Here they could own and deliver the ultimate street party to introduce a menu, kit and planning pack with all food and beverages available in store, while you buy his on-line apps, books etc.

I’d love to see commercial activity using this occasion as a platform, but correct me if I’m wrong (I haven’t researched this yet) I don’t think many brands will do anything that substantial?

Simply for three reasons:

1.    The wedding is too big, a brand would have to invest considerably in order to get achieve standout

2.    A very clever idea could be genius, not cost too much…but do brands want to be seen to be acting too clever at this time and infringe upon the very Monarchy itself?

3.    Time – we only have weeks to go and it was a short engagement, unless a brave marketing director has acted quickly on the process, can they get the activity away in time?

The coming weeks will tell all….

p.s. God bless the Queen and congratulations to the lucky couple. (we are also over not getting an invite)


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