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The global, unstoppable phenomenon that is social media. From Facebook to Twitter to Flickr to YouTube and beyond. We’re all doing it. (Even our mums and dads are doing it.) Here are some mind-boggling, brain-expanding factoids to share with your mates next time you’re feeling dorky down the boozer.

1 . If Facebook was a country, it would be the third most populated in the world, ahead of the United States. Only China and India are more populated.
2 . 500 BILLION. The number of minutes spent on Facebook each month.
3 . 24 HOURS. The amount of video uploaded to YouTube every minute.
4 . 2 BILLION. The number of YouTube videos viewed per day.
5 . 4 BILLION. The number of images hosted on Flickr.
6 . ONE-THIRD. The proportion of women aged 18-34 who check
Facebook when they first wake up, even before going to the bathroom.
7 . 1 in 6. The number of marriages last year between people who met through social media.
8 . 27 MILLION. The average number of tweets per day on Twitter.

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