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Each month, we aim to present a few titles of the greats doing the rounds. Our aim is not to replace Richard & Judy's book club; it's just a few of us in the office and special contributions from some of LIVE's friends, who like to turn pages and share; so please enjoy and feel free to drop us a line if anything has caught your eye...

Our books for January:
1. E by Matt Beaumont - laugh out loud story of an ad agency told entirely through email correspondence (also see the follow up E squared, nearly as good)

2. Kill Your Friends by John Niven - debauched account of a life of a high flying music industry exec

3. Bringing Down the House by Ben Mezrich - the story of how MIT student card counters nearly crippled Vegas casinos

4. Ugly Americans by Ben Mezrich –how one man takes Hedge funds to a new level in Asia, a story built on adrenalin,sex and drugs with money oozing from every pore

5. Heroines of SOE by Beryl Esscott -The remarkable story of female SOE agents who infiltrated undercover into occupied France

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