Digital Trends

Digital _Trends

In an age of mobile apps, augmented reality and viral videos, the digital revolution is having a seismic impact on marketers worldwide. Whether your target audience is 18 or 80, traditional television spots and expansive on-line campaigns are no longer even remotely enough.

Today's audiences are simply rejecting the media and brand messages that fail to connect with their interests and their increasingly interconnected digital lifestyles.

The use of 3D technology for home entertainment systems has been under speculation for quite some time, but enthusiasts are hinting at some major developments and opportunities in 2011. As many of the past year’s blockbuster movies have featured 3D capabilities, the public is warming up to the potential of this exciting technology, and television producers are already looking at the possibilities for home-based units that capture the unique 3D experience.

Another growing trend that’s likely to skyrocket in 2011 is cloud computing, also referred to as SaaS, or Software as a Service. With providers like Google Docs and other big names rolling out useful developments and with the increase in modular services for tasks that range from accounting to project management and beyond, a growing number of companies are switching to ‘net based’ productivity and business software. Look for more competitive pricing and greater mobile integration for cloud computing in the coming year.


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