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Promotional staff form the backbone of any experiential marketing campaign. But if you can’t rely on the ability of these brand ambassadors to represent the unique values of your product or business, the effectiveness of a campaign will be limited. 

Finding versatile, professional and well-suited promotional staff are integral to campaign success. With the right staff, experiential campaigns can reach audiences in a way no other marketing channel can – likewise, the wrong staff can make achieving goals a hard task.

Here at LIVE, we understand the importance of choosing the right agency partner. That’s why we’ve created a new guide to help brands find their perfect agency.

In-depth advice from one of the UK’s leading promotional staffing experts

As one of the country’s biggest promotional staffing agencies, we use a proven strategy to find brand ambassadors for some of the UK’s biggest brands. Drawing on this experience, we’ve made a guide that will help you:

  • Find what separates average agencies from outstanding promotional staffing specialists
  • Understand the ideal methodology for recruiting brand ambassadors and what to look out for
  • Ascertain the importance of reporting and the technology currently available within the market
  • Ask the right questions when talking to prospective partners

To make your life easier when contacting experiential agencies, our guide also includes a 10-point checklist – helping to take the stress out of the due diligence process.

Promotional staff essentially work as the face of your brand during campaigns, meaning finding the right provider is essential. Download our free guide to make sure you secure the best agency available.

Click here to download your free copy of Promotional staffing – how to select the right agency partner!


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