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Like many of the great series, Friends, 24, Game of Thrones I came to Bake Off a lot later than the initial trend of viewers. Not sure whether it was because I’m more of a savoury man (always have a starter, rarely a desert) or how 12 people baking ‘cakes’ can really appeal to my television viewing time?

However, I succumbed. I started to lean when all the young people in the office talked about it; it was more important than the recent ‘Love Island’ which dominated the first 20 mins of the working day! Finally, my family were watching it. So, I sat down alongside my then 7-year-old daughters and witnessed first-hand what gripped and delighted everyone as each week’s challenges, results and dramas played out…

So, the £75m question - would the magic marquee endure the move to Channel 4, with such public backlash and 75% of its stars not following the ‘dough’? The reluctant army of fans held their breath… but after last night we think it’s still pretty much as sweet as ever!

Figures are down, average audience circa 10.4m on BBC’s opening episode - compared to 6.5m for last night and granted, while appropriate brands featured in the ads - they were very annoying. Suffice to say, we’ll ‘record it’ and skip them next week like most of our viewings.

Yes, Mary Berry was missed, Mel and Sue more so. You felt a slight pang of guilt watching the new line up - but quickly adjusted as they came at it in their own style and wit (Noel eating a Marigold!?)  We’ve always taken Paul with a pinch of salt, (but he loves Aston Martins so he’s not all bad?!)

The reason it worked? Because the format hasn’t changed….

It has heroes, a villain (Paul) it makes you hungry and amazed at what you can do with eggs and flour, an array of ridiculous talent. The challenge of creation. You’re in the ‘tent’ with each contestant. You feel the oven temperatures heating up, as the timer counts down…

It’s all about the experience – which at the end of the day if you’re not participating in an experience then you’re doing the next best thing and watching it.    

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Leyton Ede


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