Stella Artois


Stella Artois wanted to provide consumers with an unparalleled experience, bringing the brand to life and taking a trip back in time to their via an immersive experience in partnership with Wimbledon Tennis.

The Human Insight

Over half the population like to have a drink. Especially when watching sports. So mixing these two was a great way to get people engaging the brand.

The LIVE Experience

We created an immersive event to help enhance the experience for consumers who were taken back in time to the first-ever Wimbledon tennis match in 1877 Victorian London.

The experience involved consumers missioned with finding their way to the famed tennis tournament with the help of Her Majesty the Queen and a host of quirky Victorian friends, not forgetting a barman who was on hand to serve Stella Artois, which was also brought to London in 1877. Once they were ready to head back to the future, the main bar screened Wimbledon present day, showing how far the world’s biggest tennis tournament has come.


  • 50,000 pints served

  • Popup in East London

  • 40 Theatrical Event Staff

  • 400% Increase in Social Interactions

Andrew Flett