Kiwi: KU3E


To remind consumers of Kiwi shoe polish. Drive consumers through an experience to understand the ease of use and  give Kiwi a personality.

The Human Insight

In the selfie culture that we all to love to hate, the photoshoot offered an opportunity for passersby to get people to interact. As people would want to be part of something special and unique.

The LIVE Experience

Live created an immersive experience to engage passers by and invite them to experience the KU3E.
With butlers on hand to provide a free shoe shine service. Along with a GQ style photoshoot, which took place with consumers and models. The photos were then shared via the brands facebookpage.


  • Photoshoot was shared via the Facebook page.

  • 600 Shoe Shines over 3 Days

  • 10,000 samples distributed 

  • Redemption at 9%

Andrew Flett