Pet Shop Boys


Getting cut through in the music industry for a new album launch is harder today than 10 years ago, regardless of music/iconic status! 

We were tasked with “ Devise an experience that’s a little different, with a conservative budget,” 

The Human Insight

With traditional retailers in decline (HMV) and online taking an ever more share of purchase funnel, consumers want to have a more tangible shopping experience.

The LIVE Experience

LIVE designed, built and operated a 3-day pop up in Shoreditch’s Box Park to celebrate and promote the launch of the Pet Shop Boy’s new album, SUPER.

In what was a first for the UK music industry, the pop up allowed fans to listen to the album and buy limited edition and signed merchandise.

The pop up was a resounding success, with queues forming around the block!


  • Over 10,000 Sales

  • 2,000 Online Competition Entries

  • 20,000 + Social Media impressions across Instagram and Facebook

  • 35% New Audience reach 

Andrew Flett