Marking the launch of The LEGO Movie 2 for Warner Bros. with a coffee shop built from oversized LEGO bricks developed to provide a photo story for press and an immersive space for fans of the film franchise.

The pop-up toured Europe and was used at premiers in both Belgium and the Netherlands


Generate a PR experience to promote the new movie.
Create excitement, talk ability via a platform (film linked) for the cast to promote to the media and consumers.

The LIVE Experience

Capitalising on the movie’s original success, the famous coffee shop from the film was brought to life using oversized LEGO bricks.

Actors Chris Pratt and Tiffany Haddish were on-site to engage with the press, competition winners and serve hot chocolate for the kids, (coffee for the adults) for those who’d queued since dawn…

Additionally, a partnership with UNICEF to raise awareness and funds.


  • Media coverage in all national newspapers

  • Featured on ITV’s ‘This Morning’

  • Local BBC news coverage

  • Over 1M Social media impressions

Andrew Flett