Our people

Our expertly trained, informed and professional ambassadors take the time to talk to your customers, making them feel comfortable and creating experiences that feel natural not forced. With coverage across Europe, many of our staff are also bilingual. Our award-winning recruitment program means we only approve the top 20% of our applicants and incentivise them to continue to be the best.


Creative and Production

We work with world class event strategists creatives, designers and producers to create ideas that put people first.

Whether it’s creative ideas that inspire, event production that fosters trust and credibility, or amazing ambassadors that make our customers feel at home, our experiences are all designed with real people in mind. We think it’s the only way for brands and customers to experience more.



Our retail relationships have been nurtured over years of experience, so we know the type of interactions, staff and services that make customers feel good.

DSG approved status: one of only nine other approved agencies that is permitted to activate instore in Curry’s, CPW and Dixons travel.